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Steps for Creating a New International Linkage (One-Way or Exchange)

The following is the process by which all international linkage agreements between Illinois State University (ISU) and institutions outside of the United States should be developed. While it is possible that the actual order may differ, all steps must be completed at some point during the development of the agreement.

This process applies to both linkages in which services are exchanged (exchange program) and linkages in which only one institution provides services to the other (one-way study abroad program). For information on how to create a Faculty-Led program click here.

Initial Contact

  1. An interested party (faculty/staff member, student, alumni, etc.) contacts the Office of International Studies and Programs at Illinois State University to discuss/explore the possibility of the establishment of some form of relationship between ISU and a foreign institution.
  2. The Office of International Studies and Programs Director or Associate Director initiates contact(s) with the institution outside of the United States. This may include research about, a site visit to, and/or hosting visitors from the institution.
  3. Further research is conducted to determine the benefit of possible international collaboration: Is the proposed partnership a good fit for ISU? What does each party hope to gain from the proposed collaboration? The faculty/staff member who initiated contact may wish to involve the appropriate personnel in their school/department and OISP in order to facilitate this research.
  4. Meeting(s) take place with the Director of the Office of International Studies and Programs, Study Abroad Coordinator, and Exchange Student and Scholar advisor to determine/assess merits of the proposed relationship.

Planning and Proposal

  1. A proposal is completed that outlines the details and necessary information to develop programs between the two institutions. The proposal should be completed by the faculty/staff member who initiated contact with the partner institution.
  1. A formal risk assessment and, if deemed necessary, a follow-up site visit (for logistics and recruitment purposes) is completed by OISP staff member(s) and/or faculty members.
  2. The feasibility proposal is approved by all involved members of the ISU community, including, but not limited to: Initiating faculty (hereafter referred to as Faculty Director), Director/Chair of the school/department developing the linkage, Dean of the college developing the linkage, OISP, and Graduate School (if necessary).


  1. OISP drafts an agreement between the two institutions. The terms of the agreement are determined through discussion with the appropriate individuals at the partner institution, OISP, the faculty/staff member who initiated contact, and any other parties who will be involved in future programs between the two institutions.
  2. The agreement draft, upon approval by both institutions, is sent to SU's General Counsel for legal review. General Counsel will indicate their approval by signing the designated space on the agreement.
  3. Following legal approval, two copies of the agreement are signed and dated by ISU's Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies, Research, and International Education; the Director of the Office of International Studies and Programs; occasionally, the Dean of the college developing the program, and all designated signatories at the partner foreign institution.
  4. After the agreement is signed by both parties, recruitment and application of students (conducted by program faculty director and OISP) may begin. 

Exchanges and Monitoring

  1. Whenever feasible, the foreign institution and ISU will encourage the exchange of faculty between the two institutions for purposes of research, service, consulting or teaching. The faculty director should contact the Exchange Student and Scholar advisor for more information about the immigration process.
  2. The responsible parties for administering each exchange of faculty will be the head of the academic department sending the faculty and the head of the academic department receiving the faculty. The financial considerations for faculty exchanges will be determined on a case by case basis, and will be detailed in a separate agreement for each faculty exchanged between the foreign institution and ISU.
  3. A (1, 3, 5-year) plan is put in place for monitoring and evaluation of the program outcomes.

Timing and Support

We suggest you plan to have the program approved by OISP at least two semesters prior to your program start date so there is ample time to recruit. The other steps in the process can take two weeks to two months to complete.

Our office recommends that any faculty thinking about developing a new Study Abroad program thoroughly read the Study Abroad Faculty Director's Handbook. This guide provides important information that is crucial to the development of all types of international linkages.

For details on how OISP and faculty can work together to develop programs, please see Support for Current Programs .

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